Chippoppo & Me
By Ahmad Abdul-Jabbaar

"Chippoppo and I were best of friends and did everything together"

"Little man, I am going to fan your fanny as thin as a dime,” Mrs. Brown, my kindergarten teacher said to me.  I was carrying on with my best friend Chippoppo while the teacher was talking to the class.  She was a stout, light skinned, black woman with whiskers and a thin mustache and could immediately put the fear of God into an overly talkative five year old"

 "I remember walking down a road one day and finding a photograph of a white girl on the ground, I picked it up and put it in my little Davey Crockett wallet . I would fantasize that she was my girlfriend anytime I chose to open my wallet"

"One would think that Religion could bring the two races together, but keeping with the practices of the South, once again we were expected to view the film from the balcony, while the white students sat downstairs"
"I remember Jim Jones speaking and praising the works of Minister Muhammad and Minister Muhammad doing the same""Nothing ever materialized between the two organizations and I believe it was due to the fact that Minister Muhammad had said that he did not have a good, genuine feeling about this man"  "Thank God for his insight and intuition, as the world would soon learn about the demonic and deranged mind of this psychopathic man, who took the lives of many innocent people , in the now infamous, Guyana Tragedy"

Chippoppo & Me

 Memoirs of a Beloved

By Ahmad Abdul-Jabbaar

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excerptd from my book
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